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Archive for May, 2009

31 May, 2009

Camaro5 Member’s Camaro Victimized by Crime

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We woke up this morning to this sad sight on our forums, so we can only imagine what member Number3 must have felt when he saw the same scene live in his driveway. All four wheels on Number 3′s Camaro were stolen overnight, right from his own driveway. He believes that he may have accidentally [...]

Think you need forced induction modifications to break 500rwhp in the new Camaro? Late Model Racecraft would have something to say about. The tuner’s just announced complete Street Stalker Package has dyno’d at 505rwhp / 447rwtq with only naturally aspirated modifications! The complete Street Stalker Package includes the following: – LMR Cold Air Induction System [...]

We’ve seen plenty of aftermarket engine and exhaust development for the 2010 Camaro, but suspension tuners have been hard at work as well. Pedders USA has shared with us these photos and specs on their Extreme XA Coilovers for the new Camaro. The photos show the difference between Hennessey’s Camaro on stock suspension and the [...]

A Camaro5 member has modified his exhaust quickly and easily by removing the stock mufflers on his new Camaro and replacing them with a straight pipe sourced from a local exhaust company. The muffler delete/replacement most likely has the added benefit of a bit of weight reduction as well. As you can hear from the [...]

29 May, 2009

2010 Camaro Wiring / Electrical System Information

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A Camaro5 member has kindly shared with us this complete list showing the 2010 Camaro’s wiring information. This list should prove extremely helpful for those who will be working with the factory wiring in order to install electronic accessories / aftermarket audio components, or for any other work on the car that is tied into [...]

28 May, 2009

Nickey Chicago 2010 Camaro Stage I exterior preview

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Nickey Chicago, the storied Camaro tuner, has shared with us a preview photo of its still-in-progress 2010 Camaro Stage 1. They’ve gone with a custom designed hood and hockey stripe, together with a two-toned custom leather interior. The stripes will be available in vinyl gloss and matte and in various colors. The “Nickey Interior” option [...]

American Racing has released the performance results for its 2010 Camaro headers. The test car gained an SAE corrected 32 RWHP without a tune and a stock air intake. The addition of a tune increased those gains to +50RWHP and +45TQ with the stock air intake. The system pictured here is 100% U.S. made using [...]

It seems that the Camaro tuning envelope gets pushed further and further each hour. Fastlane Incorporated has improved upon its earlier reported Stage 1 mods with a showing of the power that its Stage 2 mods are capable of. With the following bolt-on mods and tune, it was able to hit 460rwhp and 428rwtq! Fastlane [...]

The Lingenfelter 2010 Camaro SS with Magnuson’s MP2300 supercharger kit, modified air box with stock air filter, Lingenfelter 100 mm mass air sensor, 100 mm secondary zip tube, stock exhaust manifolds and Corsa’s prototype full cat back exhaust system has dyno’d at 532 rwhp. When Lingenfelter installed the Magnuson supercharger system they upgraded several components [...]

26 May, 2009

Summit White Camaro confirmed for July production

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Summit white Camaro fans can soon rejoice as the last 2010 Camaro color to be produced is slated for production beginning in July 2009. The GM order system is expected to accept orders for Camaros in summit white color around June 15th, which will allow for orders to be pulled for production after July 13th, [...]

26 May, 2009

V6 Camaro dyno numbers are in!!

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Thus far we’ve seen plenty of V8 dynos, but no independent dynos on a V6. This past weekend, a Camaro5 member dyno’d his bone stock Camaro 1LT and shared the results with us. Here were the conditions / stats: Dyno type: Mustang Filter value: 33 Air temp: 78F Humidity: 83% Car: 2010 Camaro Engine: 3.6L [...]

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Member RumbleBeeSS and his wife were “moved beyond words” at seeing the concept camaro in the first Transformers movie. When their Camaro’s factory stripes failed to impress the couple, they opted to go all out with a fully custom painted bumblebee Camaro style stripe design. Since the bumblebee Camaro’s exact stripe dimensions are not publicly [...]

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