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Archive for March, 2009

GM has just announced that it will launch its “Total Confidence Program” effective tomorrow, April 1, 2009. This is a customer protection program designed to: (1) provide payment protection in case you lose your employment, (2) protect your new car’s retail value at trade-in and (3) provide a 5 year / 100k mile limited powertrain [...]

Here you will find a quick reference guide “Getting to know your Camaro” for important Camaro functions, including: Instrument Panel, Remote Keyfob, Remote Vehicle Start, Seat Adjustments, Driver Information Center, Audio System, Climate Controls, Transmission Operation, Traction Control and Tire Pressure Monitor. This is the perfect reading material for those members expecting delivery shortly! See [...]

28 Mar, 2009

3 months with Number 3, so a Camaro review by ME

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For nearly 4 months, Camaro5 member “Number 3″ has been kindly and regularly sharing with our community photos and impressions of his capture test fleet Camaros. He has now compiled his thoughts into a great review entitled “3 months with Number 3″ which details his experience with the the Camaro 1LT he’s driven for 3 [...]

From member UCF w00t: So I mentioned in the VIN tracking thread earlier today having a bit of a surprise for later on. Well here it is. Through the magic of the internet, I’ve created a live-updating map! It pulls the data directly from my database so whenever it gets updated (typically every morning @ [...]

26 Mar, 2009

New 2010 Camaro Merchandise Collection Online

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Having issues sleeping at night awaiting delivery of your 2010 Camaro? For now, you can rock yourself to sleep in an assortment of new 2010 Camaro apparel. A new collection of official GM merchandise featuring the 2010 Camaro is now available online at See some samples at the following LINK

Here’s a nice little video of the very first production 2010 Camaro (VIN #001) going through the various assembly stages and finally being delivered into the hands of its proud owner, Rick Hendrick. View the video at the following LINK

Direct shootout reviews & results between the Camaro, Mustang and Challenger are in!! Motor Trend and Edmunds are the first ones to do a direct head-to-head review of all 3 cars together. Are the results a surprise, or as you expected?? We won’t spoil it for you, but you can find these reviews in our [...]

It appears that Livernois Motorsports has performed and documented the first independent dyno pulls of the 2010 Camaro SS. This particular dyno run yielded 364whp / 371 rwtq. Keep in mind that various dyno machines yield differing results, as well as the particular car that is tested. See the Camaro SS dyno pull at the [...]

21 Mar, 2009

2010 Camaro Reviews Are Rolling In!!

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The first official performance reviews of the 2010 Camaro are finally in!! Up until now there has been a GM enforced press embargo on reviews, but that has been lifted as of 6pm EST tonight. You can find the first reviews and a compilation of all future reviews at the following location: Please make [...]

Back on January 18th, Rick Hendrick bid and won an auction for the #1 production slot for the 2010 Camaro (see: Today, he traveled all the way to GM’s Oshawa plant to personally take delivery of his car, a black 2010 Camaro. Some members were there to document this exciting occassion! Read more [...]

16 Mar, 2009

Oshawa launch day photo collection

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Read more on this story at the following LINK

Dylan reports that 150 camaros that were built today. Amongst the work and festivities there was a successful delivery ceremony for Camaro VIN 00001 and VIN 00002 as well. Looks like things are going smoothly and people will have their pre-ordered cars in hand soon! Dylan also reports that there is talk of overtime on [...]

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