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Archive for February, 2009

Here are the first ever lineup comparison photos of the production Camaros in various colors all lined up ready to be delivered to dealers! We are given a great opportunity to see how the various colors look against one another, which is especially helpful with colors such as victory red and inferno orange metallic which [...]

Over the past months we’ve seen a barrage of images of the Camaro in every single production color from officially released GM images, sightings by members, and from the many car shows at which the Camaro was displayed. With the multitude of threads and posts created on the forum to display these images, it has [...]

26 Feb, 2009

Just Announced! 2010 Camaro to be Indy 500 Pacecar!

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The Chevrolet Camaro first paced the Indianapolis 500 in 1967 with one of the most loved Pace Cars of all times, followed by the 1969 Indy 500 Camaro Pace Car with the hugger orange paint scheme. Just 40 years after that car made its mark as a Pace Car favorite, the Camaro will return to [...]

26 Feb, 2009

Ambient lighting to be limited to door panels

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Official word: There have been many inquiries from customers who saw a very early pre-production photo of the Camaro interior. The photo displayed a blue ambient light traveling across the top of the door panel inserts and on to the dash. This early concept proved to be very popular, and the product team worked on [...]

It was reported yesterday that GM has scrapped its High Performance Vehicle Operations. Many of you were understandably worried about the effects of this shuttering on the Camaro "SS" Well, worry no more! GM spokesperson Vince Muniga has addressed this concern of ours. He has told InsideLine that the 2010 Camaro SS is "not threatened [...]

16 Feb, 2009

New white Camaro SS video = commercial/ad footage?

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A member recently discovered this new footage of a white Camaro SS. A great portion of the video clip is previously unseen footage of the Camaro. This, and the fact that the produced footage was also posted on a certain director of photography’s website, leads us to speculate that we may potentially be viewing footage [...]

Lingenfelter is currently in the process of development work on several engine packages for the new 2010 Camaro. The first Lingenfelter packages will be designed to be installed in the Camaro SS equipped with either the LS3 6.2 L engine with Tremec six-speed manual transmission or the L99 6.2 L engine with Hydra-Matic 6L80 six-speed [...]

11 Feb, 2009

Bumblebees (plural!) in Chicago auto show…

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This just in: The ‘stars’ of Transformers2 will make an appearance at the upcoming Chicago Autoshow — and Bumblebee will make his appearance BOTH as an autobot (17 feet tall!) and as a Camaro! There will also be a Red SS/RS Camaro (with cyber gray stripes) and an Aqua Blue Camaro, both available for visitors [...]

08 Feb, 2009

Cyber Gray Camaro Daytona 500 Pace Car revealed!!

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It looks like those of us who have been either eagerly awaiting photos of a Cyber Gray Camaro and/or the Daytona 500 Pace Car will have to wait no longer!!! Click HERE to view the stunning Cyber Gray Camaro Pace Car that will be used in the Daytona 500 race next Sunday (February 15th) afternoon! [...]

At the Chicago Autoshow 2009 being held next week, GM will be introducing to the public for the first time the Bumblebee Camaro set to appear in Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. This new Bumblebee Camaro is actually the same car (same engine/transmission) used in the first movie, but some parts have been updated [...]

GM has provided us this photo set of fleet of preproduction Camaros being rolled through and off the Oshawa assembly line! This is the line and process your future Camaros will go through on its way to your garage eventually! The photos have been labeled to indicate the segment of the manufacturing line at which [...]

04 Feb, 2009

New Camaro Videos Section on Camaro5

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With more frequent sightings of Camaros being reported and caught on videocameras and cellphone videos, we’ve seen an increased amount of videos being posted on the site. To make browsing for all these videos more efficient, we have created a new Camaro videos subforum, so please make sure to browse this new subforum as part [...]

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