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28 Feb, 2011

2012 Camaro ZL1 Colors Photoshops

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GM has stated (and as indicated in our ZL1 FAQ) that the 2012 Camaro ZL1 will be available in all regular production colors. Naturally, our photoshop masters set to work to give everyone some great ideas of what the ZL1 will look in all colors [compilation here]. Whether the ZL1 receives one or more special [...]

Here’s a great read from Automobile Magazine recounting their first drive experience with the Camaro SS Convertible in New Orleans. The article manages to tell us their impression of the Camaro Convertible while weaving in the backdrop and story of The Big Easy. Full article at…ive/index.html Read more on this story at the following [...]

With the St Pete race only a little over a month away, Momentum Autosport is going full steam to get their 2 Camaro GTS.Rs finished up. Chassis 002 is out of paint and back in their race shop starting assembly to World Challenge GTS specification. What looks like just a pile of parts- many of [...]

GM Performance Camaro heritage grilles are now available pre-painted in select colors, making it even easier to change your Camaro’s front-end look. The colors it now comes pre-painted in are: black, black (with dark argent surround), blue, gray, and victory red. See INSIDE for their MSRP pricing. Read more on this story at the following [...]

22 Feb, 2011

Sea of 2011 Camaro Convertibles Spotted at Oshawa

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A fleet of Camaro Convertibles have been spotted! If this location looks familiar that’s because it’s the Oshawa plant’s production car holding lot at which we saw many a Camaro coupes stored when the 5th gen Camaro first began production in the Spring of 2009. Camaro convertibles have already began hitting dealer showfloors and will [...]

21 Feb, 2011


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For your ease of reference, we have put together this ongoing Camaro ZL1 Facts, FAQ, and Primer. Included is validated information from, but final details have not been set in stone. GM reserves the right to make changes at their discretion. All features are to be considered standard unless otherwise noted. If you’re a ZL1 [...]

19 Feb, 2011

Motortrend Camaro Convertible Performance Review

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Motortrend chimes in with its 2011 Camaro Convertible in-depth review, including full performance testing. The performance figures that they were able to achieve with the Camaro convertible were: 0-60mph – 4.9 sec 1/4 mile – 13.2 @ 109.2mph 60-0mph braking – 107 0.89g skidpad Overall, MT had some wonderful things to say about the convertible, [...]

Winding Road was among the group of auto press members who had a chance to test the 2011 Camaro Convertible in San Diego recently. What did they take away from their experience with the drop top Camaro? In sum: All in, this is a thrilling, styling, hairpin-hawking, rumble-fest of a good time. You can bet [...]

18 Feb, 2011

2011 Camaro Convertibles Begin Arriving!

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The first production 2011 Camaro Convertibles have been now been spotted and reported to be hitting showroom floors! This means the very first owner deliveries should be taking place immediately and we’ll soon see Camaro5 members posting and announcing their brand spanking new droptop Camaros. Congrats in advance to all the upcoming Camaro Convertible owners. [...]

Per Fbodfather (Scott Settlemire): Good afternoon, Camaro Comrades, Firebird Friends, and Corvette Cousins! A very special invitation to our friends in the San Francisco/San Jose area of California as well as those in the Greater Los Angeles area… (or anyone else who would like to go on a road trip!) [REGISTRATION DETAILS INSIDE] Without question, [...]

INSIDE you will find the color (exterior/interior), model (V8 or V6), and states popularity breakdown of Camaros sold as of February 11, 2011. The stats cover both 2010 and 2011 model years. Keep in mind however, that the stats only covers 50,000 Camaros, far below the actual # sold. But, this should be a good [...]

GM has released info confirming that the Camaro ZL1 LSA motor will receive the same deck plate honing process which only the Corvette ZR1 and Z06 are blessed with. What’s deck plate honing you ask? [Full Details INSIDE] In short, it’s a cylinder block machining process where aluminum plates are clamped to the block, simulating [...]

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