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Camaro pre-orders continue to show strong numbers as GM has confirmed that over 11,000 Camaro orders have now been sold! For those who have ordered, your ‘Welcome Kit’ will arrive within 6 weeks of your order date. This information is confirmed in the following info posted on GM’s chevylaunch: 1/27/09 2010 Camaro Welcome Kits – [...]

The 2010 Camaro will be the 2009 Daytona 500 race’s official pace car! This advertisement was recently seen and captured by a Camaro5 member. Tune into the race to see the Camaro pace car on February 15, 2009. Follow the discussions at the following LINK

Conan O’Brien recently aired a segment on his show in which he visits the Detroit NAIAS. One of the cars he visits and sits in is the Camaro. His listed height is 6’4″ and it looks like he is very comfortable sitting in and egressing from the car, as well as posing next to it [...]

21 Jan, 2009

Results are in on your Camaro color votes.

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Last week we announced that GM was seeking your input as to your most & least favorite current Camaro colors. The Camaro5 community certainly turned out in force to make your voices heard! 646 members participated and provided a ranking of their color preferences. The GM marketing manager has received the data and thanks the [...]

The production slot for the #1 production Camaro has just been successfully auctioned tonight for $350,000 at Barrett-Jackson auto auctions. The winning bidder is Rick Hendrick, an owner of several NASCAR stock cars and teams, as well as Hendrick Automotive Group, one of the largest automotive chains in the United States. We cannot wait to [...]

The #1 production 2010 Camaro will be auctioned off at the Barrett-Jackson auto auction tomorrow (Saturday). What many Camaro fans were anxious to see was the car that will be rolled onto the floor of the auction to represent the “Production Camaro #1″. These photos show that a Silver Camaro SS with factory striping will [...]

This preproduction Camaro convertible was spotted in Australia just this week. Although the production of the Camaro cabrio has been delayed until 2010 (will be designated a 2011 model year), it’s great to see it remain in testing. Reminds us all that the convertible version is definitely coming, just a bit later than originally expected. [...]

15 Jan, 2009

GM Seeking Your Feedback Regarding Camaro Colors

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We (and you) have been asked by GM (John Fitzpatrick and the Camaro team) to participate in an informal survey to rank the ten Camaro exterior colors (including Summit White and the not yet seen Cyber Gray) from your favorite to least favorite. Please submit your color rankings at the following THREAD

Back in late December 2008, Camaro5 member HeatherR journeyed in her capture test fleet Camaro SS from snowy Ontario down to sunny south Florida (trip documented here). While on the trip, she and her husband took the time to spend time with some Camaro enthusiasts, including the owners of a 1968 and 1969 Camaro. They [...]

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13 Jan, 2009

Factory Camaro Stripes on Red SS/RS at Detroit

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Earlier today, a red Camaro SS/RS was rolled onto GM’s showfloor at the Detroit NAIAS. While we have already seen many red Camaros, what was special about this particular car was that it wore factory installed cyber gray metallic striping! Until now, most of what we have seen of factory Camaro stripes have been computer [...]

13 Jan, 2009

First White Camaro SS Video!

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Although the first runs of the production 2010 Camaro won’t be available in the Summit White color, there remains plenty of interest in this rarely seen color. Next to the yet-to-be-seen Cyber Gray Metallic Camaro, white has been one of the least seen colors on the Camaro. There has now been a video of a [...]

Scott Settlemire, the Manager of Chevrolet and Hummer Shows and Exhibits who has been intimately involved in the new Camaro’s development and launch, and affectionately known online as the ‘fbodfather’, has provided some comments (and relief for some) into the details anounced earlier today regarding the Camaro’s development, including the change of the start of [...]

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