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07 Jul, 2010

2010 Camaro Superfest @ Ypsilanti, Michigan

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Me, my wife, and my soon to be one year old son drove from the Chicagoland area to Ypsilanti, Michigan on a beautiful Saturday in July to attend Camaro Superfest with out 2010 Camaro RS (IOM w/white Rally Stripes). The last time I attended this show was in 2004 and I have to say the riverside park venue is much better than the parking lot that was used in years past. Talked with some great participants and vendors, had a picnic under a shady tree, and was able to purchase a small toy car that matches my yellow 1971 Z28 and a shirt for my son that says "When I get big I’ll drive a Camaro." A fun time was had by all. I especially enjoyed the World War 2 era C-47 Dakota that was "flying laps" around the show, the row of actual Indy Pace Camaros that GM brought out, and a Classic Copper with White Rally Stripes 1970 Z28 which is the exact color combination that my 1971 Z28 RS came from the factory as. It was nice to see what my car originally looked like and hopefully will look like in the near future when it is fully restored. Enjoy the pics!

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