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01 Nov, 2010

2010 SEMA Camaros Debut! SSX Track Car, Synergy Series, Red Flash Showcar, XM Package

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GM has released official info on the 4 official GM built Camaros which will be showing at SEMA all week. The models include:

Camaro SSX Track Car Concept:
A concept for transforming a street Camaro SS into a closed-course track car, and a showcase for new Camaro performance parts. [Details and Photos]

Camaro Synergy Series 2011:
A limited special-edition Camaro available for purchase in the first half of 2011 (a follow-up to the 2010 Synergy Green special edition Camaro), emphasizing new approaches to accessory parts and customization. [Details and Photos]

Camaro Red Flash Show Car: a show car put together for the SEMA show to extend the Camaros look and its sound to a new level. Red Flash combines Chevrolet Accessory parts available today with some specially designed new concepts from the design studio, resulting in a unique new Camaro statement. [Details and Photos]

Camaro XM Accessory Package: Chevrolet developed the XM/Accessory Appearance Package to provide new accessory and appearance options customized for the popular and affordable Camaro 1LT model. A production version of this package will be offered in the spring of 2011. [Details and Photos]

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