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Archive for May, 2010

Sorry for the late update this month, but we bring continued good news on the Camaro sales figures front. GM sold 9,150 Camaro in April 2010, besting last month’s previous record sales mark (since launch). In total, 10,106 Camaros were produced in April 2010. The Camaro again outsold its direct rivals – the Mustang and [...]

09 May, 2010

New Oshawa Camaro assembly photos

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HERE are a new set of Camaro assembly line photos from the Oshawa plant, the best set we’ve seen since these early photos. See the entire photo set at the following LINK

09 May, 2010

Tampa Camaro5 Meet Photos and Videos

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Camaro5 members from the Tampa Florida area gathered for a meet yesterday, hosted by Anti-Venom. 14 Camaros were in attendance. Check out some photos and video HERE. Read more on this story at the following LINK

08 May, 2010

Edmunds reviews the Supercharged Callaway Camaro

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Edmunds has tested the 2010 Callaway Cars SC572 Camaro SS (L99). In sum, they have called the Callaway SC572 Camaro “about as good as a street-able, supercharged Camaro SS can be.” What impresses Edmunds most however, isn’t the individually impressive power, brakes, suspension, or other upgraded aspect of this super Camaro, but the sum of [...]

Lucky member mlee recently took delivery of a 2010 Camaro Indy 500 Pace Car edition model. This collectible model Camaro represents one of the only two hundred Indy 500 replicas that will be built. This limited edition replica includes all the features found on a top-of-the-line regular production Camaro SS, but adds some additional features [...]

07 May, 2010

Transformers 3 Bumblebee Camaro spotted!

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Bumblebee Camaro from the upcoming Transformers 3 motion picture has now been spotted (PHOTOS)! The 3rd iteration of the Bumblebee Camaro receives many cosmetic updates, including a Jay Leno Camaro style front bumper, special grill, front bumper lip, new hood design, new stripe design (including striping on the roof), rear quarter panel inlets, rear wing [...]

Forum member GreyGhost’s two toned 2010 Camaro has been featured in Restyling Magazine, an auto accessory trade publication, for his use of an unique product called FLX-Paint in achieving his car’s two-toned look. The inspiration for GreyGhost’s new look Camaro has been GM’s Dale Earnhardt Jr Camaro concept car – a two-toned charcoal black-and-white look [...]

This car from a Camaro5 owner in Bulgaria is a stunning example of what can be done on the inside of the Camaro. Whatever your opinion on the colors or arrangement (I love it), there is no denying that the level of detail that has gone into this interior is phenomenal. I can only imagine [...]

04 May, 2010

CarAndDriver: Which Fanboy Are You?

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There’s a poll going on at the homepage of Car and Driver on the bottom right. Right now the Camaro is down by a little less than 400 votes, so c’mon guys get out there and vote! Here I’ll even paste the website so you guys won’t have to type it: Read more on [...]

03 May, 2010

CartunesATL 2010 Camaro Full Project Car

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CartunesATL has provided a preview of their 2010 Camaro Project Car with a full JL Audio sound system (which has been beautifully integrated into the trunk), halo lights, and a “ton of motor work” which is producing a claimed 850 horsepowers. We hope to be receiving updated photos and detailed info soon so stay tuned. [...]

Some of our Pacific Northwest region members met up to drive the scenic Route 20 to Winthrop, Washington. The day started off rainy, but by the time the group was up in the mountains, the sun greeted the caravan of Camaros. Check out their event video and photos HERE. Read more on this story at [...]

"A GM insider confirmed for us that the company is hard at work now on a substantially reworked interior for the Camaro that will appear for the 2012 model year. He couldn’t/wouldn’t list all of the changes, but did mention that most of the upgrading work will go into the dash and specifically that big [...]

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