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10 Mar, 2013

2013 COPO Camaro Announced (69 Units Available)

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Chevrolet has announced that the COPO Camaro is back for 2013, and once again 69 units will be available.

First we’ll get into what we’re sure is your biggest question, the engines. This year will see three engines like last year, but in different configurations. The wildly popular 427 stays and gets the biggest spotlight. Which is good, considering over half of last year’s 69 examples were ordered with the big V-8. This year it stays at 425 horsepower. A new entry-level LS-based 350 rated at 325 horsepower also joins the roster. But what sits in the middle is the real newsmaker. Fans who were around in 1969 to see the release of the original Camaro will wax nostalgic over the final configuration, an LS-based 396-cu.-in. big-block engine, making the same 375 horsepower it did under the hood of the 1969 Camaros. New for 2013 is a standard Holley EFI controller on all configurations, which pays a nice homage to the Holley carburetors every 1969 COPO Camaro came with as standard. All three engines are hand-built and are still LS-based, so tried-and-true tuning will work just the same on the familiar architecture, making it easy to set up your COPO to run down the competition.

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