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03 Dec, 2012

6th Gen Camaro once again rumored with 2.0L turbo 4 cylinder variant

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Going back as far as 2008, there have been rumors of a possible turbo 4 cylinder engine for the current Camaro. Even Bob Lutz, who was then the Vice Chairman of GM, alluded to the possibility for the 5th Gen Camaro at the time.

In the years since, the possibility of a turbo 4 cylinder for the next 6th gen Camaro has not only been floated as rumors, but also accepted as a very real possibility, especially as other auto companies have piled on to the forced induction bandwagon in an effort to increase fuel efficiency in the face of ever increasing MPG requirements.

GM Authority now claims that ‘sources’ (unnamed) have confirmed to them plans for a 2.0L turbocharged four cylinder for the 6th gen Camaro. The next Camaro is likely not due for 2-4 years, and will switch from its current Zeta platform to the smaller and lighter Alpha platform. The offering of a smaller/lighter and more efficient engine option for a smaller/lighter Camaro certainly makes sense.

High displacement fans shouldn’t fret though, as the addition of a turbo 4 option doesn’t mean that there will not also be V6 and V8 models, which we expect there to be.

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