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30 Sep, 2009

Camaro Z28 with LS7 or LS9, hints Al Oppenheiser, Camaro Chief Engineer

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And the rumormill churns :) Just as we finish writing about the masses’ speculation of the LSA engine in the upcoming Camaro Z28, we now read something interesting in the September 09 Super Chevy Magazine issue’s interview with Al Oppenheiser, Chief Vehicle Engineer of the Camaro. In the interview, Mr. Oppenheiser is asked about a possible Camaro Z/28 version, to which he responds that perhaps an LS7 or LS9 engine would be used. It’s anyone’s guess whether Mr. Oppenheiser purposely omits mentioning the LSA engine in order to not give it away, or whether the LS7 and LS9 motors are the only ones under consideration, but we are simply happy to hear him even speculating as to a Z28 version.

There are some other good bits of info from the article, including Mr. Oppenheiser’s indication of the approach GM will take with a Z28 version — to make it car that could be driven daily on the street while also performing well at the drag strip and performance track. He hints that there will be weight reduction and an existing small-block engine will be used… which will result in a great performing car for the purist. Music to our ears. Read the excerpt regarding the Z28 HERE.

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