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03 Feb, 2010

Arizona Camaros meet and greet over the weekend.

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We’re convinced that the Camaros lucky enough to be owned by Camaro5 members residing in the sun belt must be a happier lot than their more northerly (and colder) brethren. This past weekend featured not only Camaro gatherings in California, but a large meet in Tucson, Arizona as well.

26 Arizona Camaros gathered for a meet and greet in Tucson. The Camaros hailed from the Phoenix and Tucson areas. The original goal of the event was to meet fellow owners and swap Camaro stories. But, as with any large gathering of 2010 Camaros, bypassers took notice and the event turned into a mini car show. A crowd favorite was the “Bumblebee” Camaro, with its authentic paint and personalized Transformer package. Images and video from the event can be seen here.

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