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28 Apr, 2009

First member’s Camaro breakdown. Issue diagnosed & fix in progress.

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Camaro5 member BUMLEB had the unfortunate experience of having her Rally Yellow Camaro experience a breakdown shortly after picking up her yellow beauty. While simply cruising at low speeds in a parking lot, the car lost all electrical power, trapping the key and gear shifter. The worst was feared – swine flu (just kidding). However, a quick diagnoses from her dealership has since revealed that the loss of power was due to a battery cable which had its insulation worn through from rubbing against the starter (her Camaro’s battery cable was routed from the trunk near the starter). The exposed battery cable then shorted out the starter, causing the power loss. Fortunately this is an easy fix and likely an isolated incident. A new battery cable has been ordered and BUMLEB’s Camaro should be back on the road on Wednesday!

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1 | First Camaro Crap-Out Comes 40 Miles From Dealership [Chevy Camaro] | Muscle Car For Sale

April 29th, 2009 at 4:20 pm


[...] The ecstatic new owner, a forum fan-girl by the name of BUMLB, was crushed when the car conked-out cruising through a parking lot at a leisurely 5 MPH, completely losing all electrical power, locking the gear selector and the key in the ignition. A flatbed towed the disabled car to a dealer where diagnosis found the cable running from the trunk mounted battery had frayed on the starter motor and grounded out, causing complete loss of power. A new cable running a different route will be installed at the dealer. Hopefully this isn’t something we’ll be seeing more of on other cars. [Camaro5] [...]

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