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19 Jan, 2011

Camaro Possible For Nascar Sprint Cup Series in 2013

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BROOKLYN, Mich. — It’s not inconceivable that by 2013 NASCAR’s top division may feature the same sorts of performance cars that currently are being integrated into the Nationwide Series.

Jamie Allison, Ford’s director of North American Motorsports, already is on record that the company would contemplate running the Mustang in the Sprint Cup Series.

Perhaps the most interesting prospect, however, is that Chevrolet may entertain running the Camaro in the Cup Series, a move the automaker declined to make when choosing the nameplate for its Nationwide car. Ford and Dodge run so-called "pony cars" — the Mustang and Challenger, respectively — in Nationwide. Chevrolet fields the Impala SS and Toyota the Camry.

“I’ll never say never,” said Pat Suhy, GM Racing’s NASCAR group manager, when asked whether Chevrolet would consider racing the Camaro. “I think a lot of it depends on what we’re talking about in terms of the canvas we’re given to work with.

The canvas we had for the car today was basically from the cowl forward and from the out[side] forward corner of the headlights kind of into the windshield. The fenders, the lower [valance], the sides, the tail, the deck lid — all that stuff is pretty common [to all Cup models].”

Though that’s hardly a green light for the Camaro, it’s enough to give muscle-car fans hope. So is the acknowledgement from Toyota that something other than the Camry could be in the offing — just not now.

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