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19 Feb, 2010

CAMARO Z28 test mule spotted during track testing!!

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It’s alive!! Although not the best photos, the way that this Camaro has been camouflaged (front fascia completely covered) makes it very likely that we’re looking at a Camaro Z28 test car (HI-RES VERSIONS HERE)! The only other likelihood is that it’s some type of facelifted Camaro, but a facelift for a car not yet one year into production seems highly unlikely. Also, one change which is not camouflaged are what appears to be wider fenders, particularly in the rear, no doubt to accomodate the Z28′s wider track and to provide the car with a more aggressive look.

This car was spied during an extremely brief test track run, but the exhaust was said to be "blaring". The front and rear fascias on the car are extremely camouflaged, but based on past hints from GM, the new Camaro Z28′s front fascia will be very close to the Transformers 2 Bumblebee Camaro. We do not yet see any type of ram air scoop type hood yet, but expect one on the Z28, which will require much more air to be fed to its monster engine.

According to the photographer (take this info with a grain of salt as it has yet to be confirmed): "The wheels and tires on this Z/28 are likely non-production, however, we felt like we’d seen this particular setup before. A quick look into the archives and we realized the 2009 Cadillac CTSv sedan prototypes used almost exactly the same wheels and tires as we see on this Z/28 test car. That isn’t surprising when you consider the Z/28 will share a heart with the CTSv!

Lurking under the hood is the 6.2L, supercharged V8 known as the "LSA." While that motor is good for 556hp in the CTSv, there seems to be some debate as to whether GM will allow the Camaro to have that much power. Along with a lot more power, an upgraded suspension package along with even better brakes can be expected."

See hi-res photos of the Z28 test mule at the following LINK

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