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14 Jul, 2010

Camaros Join 2010 Bullrun Rally

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This is a must see video for all car fans! It is a video of the 2010 Bullrun rally setting off from Pier 54 in New York City and there are quite a few 5th Gen Camaros among the participants. We count at least 4-5 Camaros, with two of them being Trans-am conversions.

The Camaros are in great company, as the rest of the pack features some of the highest end exotics available. We even spot a CTS-V Coupe! And although many of the other cars are several times more expensive than the Camaro, the Camaros certainly don’t seem out of place and receive the same cheers and excited reactions.

P.S. This doesn’t have to do with the Bullrun TV show. This is like the Gumball 3000 rally, but with fewer cars. It’s a race / rally to Vegas.

Watch the VIDEO HERE and make sure to turn up those speakers!

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