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12 Oct, 2009

Aftermarket Camaro halo lights show style and tricks

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One of the first cosmetic modifications we remember seeing forum members post/ask about as soon as the production Camaro was unveiled was the halo rings (aka corona rings / angel eyes / etc.) in the Camaro’s headlights. The headlight halo rings are one of the most distinctive elements of the Camaro’s front end and there are of course now multiple aftermarket options for changing the color of the rings. Member chrisgalles recently had his 2010 Camaro SS fitted with orange/red AAC halo lights. As you can see from the photos & videos, with some creativity, different halo ring colors can be used to compliment a Camaro’s stripe colors.

This particular install even included a remote control which powers the halo lights on/off, increases & decreases the intensity of the light, fades the light in & out, or puts the lights into a strobing mode!

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