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29 Apr, 2011

Chrome Camaro… It Doesn’t Get “Flashier” Than This

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Talk about a flashy Camaro, literally! Vinyl wraps have been all the rage in the aftermarket, allowing car owners to change up their car’s color completely and unlimited times, but also 100% reversible.

We’ve already see some of our own site members with some creative color overhauls of their Camaros, but none as radical as this chrome Camaro, by a Czech company called Tintek [view VIDEO HERE]. This car may not be your taste (it’s certainly not ours), but like us, you probably cannot look away… that is until its blinding reflections force you to blink.

Tintek says the Camaro is the first chrome application of this kind in the Czech Republic, as the effect is not obtained by painting the car but by applying a special 3-D foil over the original paintwork. They also offer the chrome effect in gold, black, green, blue, orange, red and violet. Gah!

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