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21 Apr, 2010

Scott Settlemire shares his “Defining” Camaro moments, including Camaro5Fest

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Camaro5Fest reaction from the “Fbodfather” Scott Settlemire:

I “write” this post while flying on a jet from Jacksonville to Detroit after attending the very first Camaro5fest.

(The first of many Camaro5Fests, I hope!)

In every endeavor, there are ‘defining moments’ –

–when we first started working on the very first run of a 5th gen Camaro — The GMX-280 – -but we killed it as it did not deserve the hallowed Camaro name…)

–when we started working (again!) on the Camaro program

–when Sangyup Lee drew the first drawing of a Camaro (after many many others) that captured the true ‘essence’ of the 5th gen.

–when I first saw the completed full-size clay of the 5th gen.

–January 9, 2006 when the Silver Concept was first unveiled to the world.

–January 9, 2006 when it was very apparent that the concept was a resounding hit….

–August of 2006 when we made the announcement to the world that we would, indeed, build the next gen. Camaro – and further, that it would be built by the great men and women of Oshawa Assembly.

–when the ‘contract’ was signed – making everything official.

–The first sightings of the black and white IVERs……

–The first time we received 4 completed production intent 5thgens.

–watching the wonder and amazement in the eyes of our 15 Disciples as they saw – for the first time – those 4 production-intent Camaros at Milford…

–September of 2008 when we unveiled the first production intent 5thgen to our enthusiasts at the world-famous Indy 500

– (a very special defining moment for me: Taking delivery of “Thor’ – my beloved CTF SS/RS)

–March of 2009 – Start of Regular Production!

-April 17, 2009 – Delivery to our first known retail customer – in Indianapolis, IN


–well over 1,000 Camaro Enthusiasts and an estimated 500 2010 Camaros descend on Valdosta, Georgia to celebrate the return of a Legend……..

……….and I still have “Perma-grin” as I think of what a great weekend it’s been…..


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