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26 Dec, 2011

Full Camaro Ultimate Factories Video: From Sheet Metal to End of the Line

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Those of you without National Geographic channel or haven’t had the opportunity to catch the program online, be sure to check out the full ULTIMATE FACTORIES – CAMARO episode, which aired last year. Watch the video directly below.

Here are some interesting tidbits :

  • Each Camaro takes 18 hours of assembly time
  • There are 734 robots doing the nearly 5,000 spot welds needed to create the body shell for each Camaro Coupe.
  • In order to get to the paint shop the Camaro body has to be transported on a bridge over a city street where it is painted and then shipped back across the bridge to the trim area for final detailing.
  • One Camaro rolls off the assembly line approximately every minute.
  • The Camaro engine is produced at a different plant and has to be shipped approximately 2 hours to the assembly line where it finally meets the Camaro.

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