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19 Mar, 2010

GM Hi-Tech Performance reviews Fastlane’s 2010 Camaro SS

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Check out GM Hi-Tech Performance Magazine’s review of the Fastlane 2010 Camaros, a monster of a car which ran a 10.86 at 127 mph at the quarter mile. This was accomplished at the 2010 Camaro Shootout in Memphis.

So, what did it take to get them to the top? Quite honestly, not much, just a quality plan, a couple of well thought-out parts, and an eye on making useable, reliable horsepower without breaking parts or spinning tires. “We built this simply to compete in the Shootout.” Starting with a stock Camaro, Fastlane first had to decide on an appropriate power adder, a choice that was fairly simple considering its expertise in turbocharging. “We build our Fastlane ZL1 turbo kit for stock motors, providing GM reliability and big-block power.” The heart of this system is a 72mm BorgWarner extended-tip turbocharger, which helps make a massive amount of power on the otherwise stock engine. The team also decided to pull the stock camshaft, replacing it with a top secret, custom hydraulic roller that, interestingly enough, still retains the stock “Displacement-On-Demand” (DOD) lifters and the cam phasing ability. More HERE.

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