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27 Oct, 2011

GM SEMA Camaro ZL1 Carbon Concept Announced!

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Welcome to the dark side of Camaro ZL1. The Camaro ZL1 Carbon Concept incorporates all the technology and performance of the Camaro ZL1 – which goes on sale in 2012 – but with an added layer of carbon fiber to add a decidedly sinister-looking element of form to a car that’s all about function. Included on this concept is the new Ashen Gray exterior paint (available on all 2012 Camaro models).

Also see the other Camaro concepts that GM will be bringing to SEMA 2011:

Camaro 1LE Concept
Camaro Red Zone Concept
Camaro Synergy Series Concept

See full Camaro ZL1 Carbon Concept details at the following LINK

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