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04 Jun, 2012

Introducing “Mr Bond”… Fbodfather CTF ZL1 Convertible

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Per Fbodfather:

– I’ve had a hard time coming up with a name for this one…..

If you read my note about ‘Brother Ezekial / BroZeke’ – you’ll recall that I talked about how ‘liveable’ the ZL1 can be — it’s without question the best riding Camaro we’ve ever built…and yet the best handling Camaro we’ve ever built as well….

–but when you ‘punch it’ – you see the ‘other side’ of this amazing automobile (…if I must say so myself….) … "Dr Jekel/Mr Hyde"……..

As I’ve driven him over the past couple of days – I kept mulling over what I’d call a strong guy with class –


(OK -you can stop the snickering and get back up off the floor now……

Many ideas — but I got to thinking of James Bond – - athletic – smooth – very well bred — looks good in a tuxedo, but don’t tick him off……………..because he’ll kick you to Kingdom come, so to speak…..

And so – unless someone else comes up with a better name…

(and if you do, there may be a package in the mail to you…) —-

I present “Mr. Bond” —

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July 9th, 2012 at 7:00 am



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