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02 Dec, 2010

Jeff Bucknam: Interested in Professional Driving Tips for Camaros?

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Jeff Buckname, driver of the very successful Sunoco Camaro #6 from this past season’s Grand-Am Contintental Tire Challenge Sports Car Series, is seeking feedback HERE from the Camaro5 community regarding interest in future Camaro motorsports and reviews coverage.

Per Jeff:

Hey Everyone,

I am the Pro-Driver of the Sunoco Camaro #6 that races in the Grand-Am Continental Tire Challenge Sports Car Series. I would really like to start going to all types of Camaro gatherings around the country to share some DRIVING TIPS!

Here are the couple of questions I have for everyone.

1. How many of you would be interested in having me out to do some driver coaching at track day events? (I can ride in the right seat giving you driver tips and I can also give you hot laps showing you the proper way to drive a Camaro FAST!!!)
2. How many of you would follow me if I did a video series on a blog that gives driving tips on and off race tracks?
3. How many of you would follow me if I did a video series on new after market Camaro products that I took to race tracks testing them and giving my feedback on how well they really perform?
4. What other things would you be interested in me covering if I had a Camaro Performance Driving Blog/video?

Btw….I am still working on my 2011 racing plans! At this point it looks good I will be back in the #6 Sunoco Camaro racing in Grand-Am.

I am a huge, huge fan of the Camaro and I really want to share my knowledge on what I have learned about the Camaro as I have raced it and done most of the development work on the Camaro Race Car.

Jeff Bucknum

Share your feedback at the following LINK

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