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05 Aug, 2009

Camaro convertible (by NCE) first drive!

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No, what you’re seeing in the photo below isn’t a photoshop! It is in fact the first aftermarket produced 2010 Camaro convertible by NCE (whose build of a convertible was reported HERE earlier) and it has now gone for its first drive. NCE’s completed project Camaro convertible will make its public debut at the SEMA 2009 automotive auto/tradeshow. We think the end product turned out beautiful!

Obviously a coupe which has had its roof sawed off loses structural rigidity, which is recovered by the enhanced reinforcement of the chassis in the rockers, A-pillars and the doors. Despite this reinforcement, we’re impressed that there has been virtually no change in this car’s weight, probably due to some weight savings from the lack of a fixed metal roof. The cost for this conversion is quoted to be about $16,000 (you supply your own Camaro) and approximately 4-6 weeks of work.

Test drive review and photos can be found HERE.

Read more on this story at the following LINK

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