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27 Sep, 2010

NEC5 Goes Autocrossing

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Today was a very exciting day for NEC5 (New England Camaro 5). We had our first event as the regional club! As part of the New England Region Sports Car Club of America Autocross day, NEC5 partook in both the autocross racing and we held our own exclusive car show.

For those not in the know, autocross (different from motorcross – we were not on dirt roads with big jumps) is a timed event in which one car drives a flat course laid out by orange cones. There are slalom runs, gates, tight turns, and short straight ways. There are many different stock and modified classes, including Kart cars. The 5th Gen Camaros fall into the F-class, right along side the Mustangs (of which there was maybe one?). NER-SCCA ran this event at an old airfield in Devens, Massachusetts. This is the same location where the MA State Police do their officer defensive (offensive) driver training. The course was about 1.5miles long with times (for the Camaros at least) around 60 to 70 seconds. A penalty of 2seconds is added to a driver’s time for each cone knocked out.

There were 10 of us in the autocross running. We all learned something about our cars and our ability, as 9 of us were novices to the sport. The eighth runner drove his supercharged Lingenfelter modified Camaro – he’s a member of NER and he’s in it for season points

In addition to the racing, we had an additional 13 members with 11 cars come for our meet and greet and club car show (that’s 19 C5 cars total). The shine from our vehicles could probably be seen from space! … [Rest of writeup and photos/videos HERE]

Read the rest of the writeup and see photos/video at the following LINK

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