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21 May, 2009

Received a lithograph signed by all the Oshawa line workers who built my Camaro!

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By TAG UR IT: So….I’m typing away on my keyboard back in April when I read a post by a certain Oshawa employee and Camaro5 member that was talking about seeing the first ever CGM go down the line…and how everyone just kind of stood still….looking at the car in awe. I read how it was the talk of the plant and I was just………when I read this. I just had to know if he really saw it. In response, I got…


Yes i’ve seen you car and its a beauty. It was the talk of the plant and being the CGM it really turned heads. Congrats and Thank You for supporting GM and Team Camaro.

Of course, I’m like…."no way."

ANY news on our precious Camaros being built is like music to our ears, right? Well, this just blew me away. I’ve been so excited since the debut of the new Camaro back in 2006 and just couldnt’ wait to get my hands on something I feel I’ve basically watched being built EVERY SINGLE DAY before my very eyes! It was actually happening….my car was finally being built!!! And this was "living proof!!!"

I sent off a PM regarding CGM #1 to this member and what came back was something more than I could have ever imagined. I was in fact, "hand picked" by the member to be one of only a few lucky recipients of a lithograph signed by the Oshawa plant employees who actually had a hand in placing hands on my car….building it….and making it into VIN 2352. We are talking paint…body…chassis…trim departments and more! I was honestly IN SHOCK. You see…things like this don’t just happen to me. I’m just a regular old guy who loves Camaros and enjoys my regular old every day life.

Now, before I go any further…I need to say that getting this litho was all made possible by one person. He did this out of his own free time and will….because THAT is the type of person BUILDING OUR CAMAROS. These folks CARE. You all have seen it right here. You have seen the line workers on our boards! They love what they do and love putting our cars together .

This one person……whom I just can’t thank enough…..went above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Not only did he get me the signed litho, but he also got me a letter from the Oshawa plant thanking me for purchasing a Camaro from GM and hoping that I would enjoy "the first ever cyber gray metallic Camaro built….vin #2352." Yes….the smile on my face was and still is a mile wide.

So without further ado,

SUPER60 (Mike),

I thank you.

From the bottom of my heart, this Camaro enthusiast thanks you. And I thank all the hard working employees of the Oshawa plant who put everything they have into what I consider our "newest member to the family." The litho and letter were things I never thought of….never thought anyone would ever get. Mike, I thank you again. It really means the world to me. I’m picking up my 2SS/RS from Tom on June 24th…just in time for the GM All Nationals at Carlisle, PA. I will post pictures of the day….receiving our newest member to the family and know that I will be thinking of all the people who made this possible.

Thanks for building my Camaro, Mike. Thanks to all the Oshawa employees. Thank you to every single person who signed this litho. Thank you.


See all photos of the lithograph at the following LINK

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