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09 Jun, 2011

Rumored Turbo V8 for C7 Corvette. Possibly Camaro-Bound?

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According to, GM is planning to alter its strategy with the next-generation C7 Corvette to appeal to a wider range of customers by offering a small-displacement high-revving turbocharged V8 motor. Full details on the rumored engine.

This leads to the natural question for Camaro owners — whether the Camaro will or should also adopt such an engine if it comes to fruition.

Seeing as how GM shares some motors throughout its range of vehicles, it’s certainly possible that the future Camaros may see such an impressive motor (or a slightly altered form of it), in one of its higher performance models. And since the next generation Alpha platform based Camaro is supposed to be lighter/smaller, it would certainly be an interesting pairing with a small displacement high-revving turbo motor.

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