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16 May, 2010

Sweating the details at Oshawa factory’s build of the Camaro

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It takes 24 production hours to build a Camaro, from basic sheet-metal to the moment it’s driven off the production line. That’s one of the interesting tidbits from this very interesting Toronto Star article on the Camaro production process. We’ve previously seen Camaro production photos (here and here) from Oshawa, but the article provides some hard data and a behind the scenes experience behind the highly efficient process.

What’s also interesting is the mention of the plant gearing up for the upcoming 2011/2012 Camaro convertible, which will also be produced at Oshawa. Production of the Camaro convertible is expected to begin in January 2011. Equipment for the Camaro convertible build is already in place and the plant has been performing body tryouts since this past March to ensure that everything fits properly and the production process will go smoothly. Oshawa plant manager Dan Hermer says that the Camaro convertible could be 25% of overall Camaro production.

Camaro by the numbers:
- Daily output is 440 cars. That’s one shift building 55 Camaros an hour — almost one a minute.
- Last year, the plant built 82,188 Camaros. The over-all total to date is about 120,000.
- There are about 90 workers in the body shop and 190 in the trim area.
- The department uses 840 parts per car.
- 375 individual parts are welded on each car, a total of 4,778 welds.

Read more on this story at the following LINK

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