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06 Jul, 2009

Motorized License Place Holder for the Camaro

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Many of you lament drilling your Camaro’s bumpers to attach a front license plate, or simply the fact that a front end with a license plate attached simply is not as aesthetically pleasing as without. The downside to those of you in states which require front license plates however, is potentially receiving a ticket for now having one.

Swiftmotorsports has a solution. They offer a hide away license plate holder (manual and motorized versions) which can be fit on any model of cars, and a Camaro owner has done so. The motorized version features a small motor and remote control key fob for retracting and revealing the license plate, perfect for having a front plate displayed when you need it (while driving), and also for hiding it when you’d prefer (for a car show, photoshoot, etc.).

Our reservation with this product however is that it’s certainly not the stealthiest/smoothest of looks when installed, and we’re not convinced that it won’t be sheered off or rendered inoperable with a few good scrapes and knocks against steep driveways or high speed bumps (especially on a lowered Camaro or one with the GMPP ground effects front spoiler).

HERE is the video of the motorized hideaway plate holder installed on a 2010 Camaro.

See the motorized license plate holder in action at the following LINK

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