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A Camaro5 member has modified his exhaust quickly and easily by removing the stock mufflers on his new Camaro and replacing them with a straight pipe sourced from a local exhaust company. The muffler delete/replacement most likely has the added benefit of a bit of weight reduction as well. As you can hear from the [...]

It seems that the Camaro tuning envelope gets pushed further and further each hour. Fastlane Incorporated has improved upon its earlier reported Stage 1 mods with a showing of the power that its Stage 2 mods are capable of. With the following bolt-on mods and tune, it was able to hit 460rwhp and 428rwtq! Fastlane [...]

The Lingenfelter 2010 Camaro SS with Magnuson’s MP2300 supercharger kit, modified air box with stock air filter, Lingenfelter 100 mm mass air sensor, 100 mm secondary zip tube, stock exhaust manifolds and Corsa’s prototype full cat back exhaust system has dyno’d at 532 rwhp. When Lingenfelter installed the Magnuson supercharger system they upgraded several components [...], a stainless exhaust diverter manufacturer, has completed fabrication of and installed their electronic exhaust diverter for the 2010 Camaro. They have cleverly mounted the controller switch under the front passenger seat. Not only does the car sound great, but the modification yielded consistent gains of +18rwhp / +27rwtq! Information and installation/dyno video HERE. Read [...]

Texas Speed has wasted no time in modifying their 2010 Camaro for more power via long tube headers and their catback exhaust system. Without any tuning (which should take place in another 5 days), the Camaro gained 26 rwhp and 35 rwtq for a total output of 398rwhp / 407rwqt. 400+ rwhp is believed to [...]

Hennessey Performance has released some initial performance gain #’s (and a VIDEO) from their first tuned 2010 Camaro SS. With the following upgrades, they achieved 530rwhp: – Magnuson Supercharger (@ 6 psi) – Corsa Stainless Exhaust – Hennessey Cold Air Induction – Hennessey Tune This Camaro SS put down 378rwhp stock, so the gain was [...]

13 May, 2009

SLP 2010 Camaro Exhaust Systems Announced

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SLP Performance Parts, one of the more well regarded tuners for the Camaro, has announced the release of 3 different exhaust systems for the 2010 camaro SS, along with these teaser videos! These include the SLP LoudMouth Axle-Back Exhaust, the SLP LoudMouth 2 Axle-Back Exhaust, and the SLP PowerFlo Axle-Back Exhaust. Videos of each exhaust [...]

Aftermarket tuning for the 2010 Camaro continues to develop at a lightning pace. Fastlane Incorporated has just posted this video of its Camaro breaking the 400rwhp barrier. The modifications include: – Fastlane’s Pipeline True Cold Air Intake – Custom headers – Full 3″ exhaust. With these mods alone, Fastlane was able to dyno their Camaro [...]

One of the first modifications any tuning company (or regular owner for that matter) considers on a new model such as the Camaro is the exhaust system. It’s easy to see why — an aftermarket exhaust system provides both potential performance gains, as well as a visceral enhancement in the form of a louder and/or [...]

These are the first photos of a production 2010 Camaro with almost a full compliment of GM Performance Parts installed – ground effects package, wheels, exhaust, fuel door cover and stripes. The ground effects parts have been left unpainted, but we’re curious how they would look painted to match the body color. We’re looking forward [...]

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