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A product safety recall has been issued for certain sold 2010 Chevy Camaros (V8 engine only). The recall is necessary because of a potential shorting problem with the starter making contact with an exposed battery positive starter cable (see member Bumleb’s encounter with this issue HERE). The procedure will involve a temporary fix and/or a [...]

One of the first modifications any tuning company (or regular owner for that matter) considers on a new model such as the Camaro is the exhaust system. It’s easy to see why — an aftermarket exhaust system provides both potential performance gains, as well as a visceral enhancement in the form of a louder and/or [...]

24 Apr, 2009

Official GM answer to Camaro brake weights.

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John Fitzpatrick from GM has chimed in with this official answer regarding the weights that have appeared on the brakes of owners taking delivery so far: Some early Camaro customers noticed that there are weights on the Camaro SS calipers. With high-performance vehicles like the Camaro SS, minor brake noise is not uncommon. The weights [...]

Camaro5 member Embalmer took delivery (photos here) of his silver Camaro yesterday and has been generously sharing with the community all of his reactions, photos and now videos of his new ride. He has posted some great videos of the Camaro’s start-up sequence from the interior at night, as well as a video of the [...]

17 Apr, 2009


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Delivery time is FINALLY upon us!! A Camaro5 member has just formally take delivery of his Camaro this afternoon!! richardhoggard signed the papers and received his Camaro keys for his Black 1SS from Penske Chevrolet in Indianapolis, IN. This seems fitting, as the 2010 production Camaro was first introduced to the public in Indianapolis just [...]

It does exist!! We are happy to bring you the very first real life photos of the highly anticipated Cyber Gray Metallic Camaro, taken just this morning!! Up until now, Cyber Gray Metallic (CGM) has been the only production Camaro color for which real life pictures had not yet been available. For all other colors, [...]

Here are the first photo of a production Camaro with GM accessories installed, including the 21″ wheels, mud splash guards, silver fuel door cover, and factory hockey stripes and hood stripe! See more photos of this car at the following LINK

Hennessey Performance Engineering (HPE), has announced plans to produce a limited edition 2010 HPE550 Camaro. The HPE550 will boast a supercharger strapped to its LS3 V8, pushing 6 PSI boost, along with a Corsal exhaust system and custom engine tuning. The result is a Camaro which lays down 562 bhp and 557 lb-ft torque. Of [...]

The 2010 Camaro has finally made its debut in this GM sponsored commercial. The TV commercial spot is not for the Camaro specificaly, but rather for GM’s just announced Total Confidence Program. Nonetheless, it is encouraging and exciting to see the Camaro officially debuting in a TV commercial, albeit for a too short few seconds. [...]

GM has just announced that it will launch its “Total Confidence Program” effective tomorrow, April 1, 2009. This is a customer protection program designed to: (1) provide payment protection in case you lose your employment, (2) protect your new car’s retail value at trade-in and (3) provide a 5 year / 100k mile limited powertrain [...]

From member UCF w00t: So I mentioned in the VIN tracking thread earlier today having a bit of a surprise for later on. Well here it is. Through the magic of the internet, I’ve created a live-updating map! It pulls the data directly from my database so whenever it gets updated (typically every morning @ [...]

26 Mar, 2009

New 2010 Camaro Merchandise Collection Online

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Having issues sleeping at night awaiting delivery of your 2010 Camaro? For now, you can rock yourself to sleep in an assortment of new 2010 Camaro apparel. A new collection of official GM merchandise featuring the 2010 Camaro is now available online at See some samples at the following LINK

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