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20 Aug, 2009

ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE TURBO Camaro SS — Custom Single Turbo Kit (T04Z) Completed

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Ultimate Performance has finished development on their Camaro SS single turbo kit (Garrett TO4ZR), good for up to a claimed 750hp! See details HERE and below for info on this monster turbo kit:

Bored with the power level of your 2010 Camaro SS? How would 600hp sound? How about with the push of a button, 750hp! 750hp and 600hp? With a push of a button? You can’t change power settings that easy with a supercharger.

Ultimate Performance and Racing is announcing our 750hp Single Turbo kit for the 2010 Camaro SS. This very powerful turbo kit bolts on in hours to bump your Camaro to 600hp at a safe 8.5 psi. With proper turbo sizing and location, this turbo kit will also allow you to turn the boost up to 750hp. The power comes from a visibly appealing Garrett TO4ZR dual ball bearing, water cooled, turbo. This turbo has been proven for years to make big power. A huge front mounted intercooler, all polished piping, strategically placed Tial 44mm wastegate, Tial 50mm blow off valve, stainless steel piping, and only the finest components will get your Camaro flying down the street the way it should have come from the factory!

Here is a complete list of parts in the Tuner kit:

-Polished Garrett T04ZR dual ball bearing, water cooled, turbo good for 750hp.
-Tial 44mm wastegate (optional open dump to atmosphere).
-Tial 50mm Blow off valve (optional bypass valve for customers who want it quiet).
-Tial products will be available in Silver, Blue, Red, Purple and Black.
-With a T4 turbo flange this kit is fully upgradeable to a much larger turbo capable of 1000hp+!!
-Front mounted polished intercooler capable of 750+.
-304 stainless steel piping.
-Fully polished aluminum charge piping.
-Black 4 ply couplings with T-bolt clamps.
-Oil feed line with all fittings plus a -10 AN steel braided return line.
-Water cooled lines plus all fittings.
-Detailed installation guide.
-Bolts up to factory or aftermarket exhaust.
-Retains factory air conditioning and power steering.
-No cutting or trimming of anything on vehicle.
-Very easy installation that can be done at your home or local garage.
-Bolts to factory exhaust manifolds.

With the simple upgrade to our full kit:

-EFI Live or HP Tuner engine management
-60 lb injectors

Click HERE for a video of Ultimate Performance’s Turbo Camaro SS on the dyno and in the streets.

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