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26 May, 2009

V6 Camaro dyno numbers are in!!

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Thus far we’ve seen plenty of V8 dynos, but no independent dynos on a V6. This past weekend, a Camaro5 member dyno’d his bone stock Camaro 1LT and shared the results with us.

    Here were the conditions / stats:

Dyno type: Mustang
Filter value: 33
Air temp: 78F
Humidity: 83%
Car: 2010 Camaro
Engine: 3.6L V6 Direct Injection
Trans: 6L50 6spd automatic

RESULTS: 246rwhp | 220lbs/tq

A few observations from the dyno… these #’s appear to be accurate with the factory ratings. The torque curve is impressively flat. The factory software runs the engine at a very rich A/F ratio, which should allow for some power to be squeezed from this engine simply through a modified ECU tune.

Read more details on the V6 dyno at the following LINK

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