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08 Sep, 2010

Behind the 2010 Camaro Disciples Gathering

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GM has released THIS VIDEO feature showing the recent Camaro “Disciples” meeting. The Camaro’s development was/is unique in the level with which the average enthusiast was involved in the process. For the development of the fifth gen Camaro, 15 enthusiasts were chosen via a writing competition to serve as the “Disciples” group to assist GM in developing the Camaro in ways that took into consideration the average consumer’s wants and needs.

GM continues to use the annual Disciples meeting as a way to gauge the average Camaro enthusiast’s reaction to the aspects of the Camaro that do and do not need changing. The most recent meeting took place just last month and serves as the event for this video.

We have multiple disciples that are regular Camaro5 members and one of them (KevinK) shared his thoughts with us after the meeting last month. His reaction can be read HERE

View the video at the following LINK

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