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18 Feb, 2010

Z28 / Mystery Camaro solved and identified! Firebreather Hero Car

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The creator of this mystery Camaro, speculated by many to be a Camaro Z28 prototype, has shared with us the real identity and background of this car. According to Faisal Ahmad of Exodus Pictures:

Following the unauthorized release of pictures taken of our vehicle, I have decided to clarify the origins of this ‘mystery car’. The vehicle in question, named the “FireBreather”, has been built by Exodus Pictures, LLC in conjunction with Classic Design Concepts of Novi, MI. The FireBreather is to be the hero car for an upcoming motion picture. The vehicle was camouflaged to conceal its design until principle photography of the movie could be completed.

We wish to dispel some of the rumors that are surrounding the FireBreather:

The FireBreather is based on a 2010 Camaro.

The FireBreather is not a Z/28 test mule.

The FireBreather is not a corvette test vehicle…. [remaining post HERE]

Read more on this story at the following LINK

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