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Score two for forum member “LS 1st gen”!! This lucky guy not only wed his beautiful bride this past weekend, but did it with style by driving his bride off in a silver 2SS Camaro! Two months ago, this member first started inquiring into whether it would be possible to rent a Camaro for his [...]

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It seems some GM dealerships have been quick to realize the aftermarket/tuning crowd’s interest in the 2010 Camaro and have modified some of the Camaros on their showroom floors to appeal to this demographic. This is now the second Camaro (other here) we’ve seen that’s been cosmetically customized by the dealer with non GMPP released [...]

It makes us wince to see and report the demise of this 2010 Camaro, the worst crash we’ve seen yet, unfortunately. Forum member Dertybr’s brand new Camaro was wrecked more than a week ago by a Ford Escape piloted by a teenager. Not only did the teenager not have insurance, but did not even have [...]


Magna Charger has shared these photos and some preliminary information on their TVS2300 Magna Charger supercharger for the 2010 Camaro SS. These are the first photos we’ve seen of a forced induction kit being fitted onto the new Camaro. The TVS2300 supercharger kit being developed is a CARB certified kit with all necessary hardware for [...]

09 May, 2009

65+ Camaros siege New York Mets’ new stadium

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Over 65 Camaros were brought together yesterday afternoon for a Camaro Drive Away event (similar to the ones recently held in Houston and Dallas). Rows upon rows of different colored Camaros were lined up to dazzle spectators, and it’s certainly a breathtaking sight! Read more on this story at the following LINK

One question which performance modding fans invariably have from day one is how much more power can be extracted from the Camaro’s factory engine/exhaust/software configuration. Tuners are wasting no time in beginning to answer that question. Late Model Racecraft has just fitted their Camaro SS with a cold air intake and also given its engine [...]

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600hp enough for ya? Well, Artisan and will be combining efforts to produce the Artisan SA-600 which will be powered by twin turbos strapped onto the LS3 engine, expected to produce approximately 600 horsepowers. The turbo snails will be 2 rear-mounted GTK350 turbos and the rest of the performance mods will include a ECU [...]

08 May, 2009

Houston Area 2010 Camaro Drive and Show

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Just as Dallas dealers did last month, a group of Houston area Chevy dealers combined efforts today to bring together approximately 50 Camaros for a publicity event. The Camaros first gathered for a color coordinated staging and photo session. The Camaro entourage then proceeded to cruise with police escorts to Minute Maid Park, the Houston [...]

Pontiac Trans-Am fans lamented the recent announcement of Pontiac’s demise because it signaled the impossibility of a potential new Firebird based off the new generation Camaro. However, ACS Creative Services would not be deterred and has transformed a 2010 Camaro to its vision of a Pontiac Trans-Am. The ACS Trans-Am includes a full cosmetic makeover [...]

07 May, 2009

New Camaro / Transformers dual ad…

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Member Chevyrocker spotted this new advertisement for both the new Chevrolet Camaro as well as the upcoming Transformers II movie. The ad utilizes a clever split view and message. The half of the ad for the Transformers II movie features the bumblebee Camaro and the message “When You’ve Traveled a Light-Years,” while the other side [...]

OSHAWA, Ontario (AP) — Demand for the Camaro reportedly has prompted General Motors Corp. to add the week of June 29 as a scheduled work week at the Oshawa, Ontario, plant instead of a week off. The Peterborough Examiner reports the move Wednesday. The newspaper says the flex line workers at the assembly plant will [...]

A product safety recall has been issued for certain sold 2010 Chevy Camaros (V8 engine only). The recall is necessary because of a potential shorting problem with the starter making contact with an exposed battery positive starter cable (see member Bumleb’s encounter with this issue HERE). The procedure will involve a temporary fix and/or a [...]

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