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The Bumblebee Camaro (2nd generation from Transformers 2) is coming to the Orange County Auto Show from October 15 – October 18, 2009 at the Anaheim Convention Center. He will make an appearance in both forms — Camaro and Autobot (see photo below)! Other GM cars will also be featured at the show including, Chevrolet [...]

21 Aug, 2009

Real-Life Bumblebee Transformer (must see)

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Bumblebee fever has even gripped our neighbors to the south. This Mexican Chevrolet dealership takes the prize so far for ingenuity when it comes to using bumblebee Camaro fever for marketing. This is no ordinary transformers costume, but a working transforming one. Whether you’re a fan of the car or movie, you’re sure to get [...]

Several site members have already customized their rally yellow Camaros to resemble the Bumblebee Camaro from the Transformers movie, mostly by the application or painting of bumblebee style stripes. However, one big central element of the Bumblebee Camaro’s look has always been missing from the customized Camaros — the beautiful golden yellow color… until now. [...]

GM recently announced the Transformers Edition of the 2010 Camaro. Some of you indicated that you were not interested in the entire package, but perhaps individual pieces of the package. GMPartsDirect now has for sale the separate Transformers Edition components: side fender emblem, wheel centercap, center console, door sill plates and hood stripes. Read more [...]

GM has announced the availability of the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro TRANSFORMERS Bumblebee Special Edition, which will include the following package: * AUTOBOT shield on the driver and passenger side panels * AUTOBOT shield on each of the four wheel’s center cap * AUTOBOT shield embroidered on interior center console * "TRANSFORMERS" logo on driver and [...]

Many forum members are reporting receiving some celebrity like attention when driving their 2010 Camaros to showings of Transformers 2, which just opened at theaters this week. This is somewhat expected, as Bumblebee Camaro once again stars as one of the principal characters in the summer blockbuster. However, the amount of special attention being paid [...]

To celebrate the release of Transformers 2 in China, a hardcore group of Transformers fans organized a drive through the streets of Beijing. Only they didn’t do it in their regular looking cars. Each participant has transformed a normal daily driver into a bumblebee camaro style looking automobile. The organized event was arranged by [...]

Here is some further evidence that what we are seeing as the second generation Bumblebee Camaro is in fact substantially what the next Camaro Z28 will be. In this Behind-the-scenes video feature (below), the Bumblebee’s hood is referred to as the “new version Z28 hood.” As the new Bumblebee Camaro looks absolutely fantastic, that is [...]

06 Jun, 2009

Spotted: first 2010 Camaro only commercial!

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Up until now, the new Camaro had only been seen briefly in TV commercials for General Motors’ Total Confidence Program and their latest Re:invent spot. However, the Camaro now has its own standalone TV commercial, albeit shared with advertisement for the upcoming Transformers II movie (just like the recent print ads we’ve reported on). The [...]

No, you are not seeing a photoshopped stretched Bumblebee Camaro. What you’re witnessing here is the work of a BIG camaro fan in China who decided that he couldn’t afford the $200,000 price tag of a Camaro in China. What does one do in that situation? Take your current GM produced car (a Cruze in [...]

When the Transformers movie was released on DVD in October 2007, copies of the DVD included an entry form to enter a sweepstakes to win one of three Bumblebee-style Camaros to be specially produced by GM. One of the winners announced was a Camaro5 member “ocolgan” (Scott) hailing from New Hampshire. Scott’s sweepstakes Camaro was [...]

Member RumbleBeeSS and his wife were “moved beyond words” at seeing the concept camaro in the first Transformers movie. When their Camaro’s factory stripes failed to impress the couple, they opted to go all out with a fully custom painted bumblebee Camaro style stripe design. Since the bumblebee Camaro’s exact stripe dimensions are not publicly [...]

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