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From fbodfather: Good evening, Camaro Comrades! I just received the following from a very dear Friend (and Camaro Comrade ) Charlene Kyreages Henderson — …it’s a wonderful way to say ‘Thank You’ and “Merry Christmas” to one of our men or women serving in our Armed Services. Please — I beg you — take the [...]

Fesler-Moss has released info on its limited edition 2010 Camaro package. For $150,000 (or $110,000 if the car is provided to Fesler-Moss). The Fesler-Moss Limited Edition Package includes: Adjustable coil over suspension, front and rear sway bars, 6-piston Fesler branded race brake upgrade, Fesler branded stainless steel bi-modal exhaust system, color-matched engine block, 6-speed manual [...]

Here is a beautiful photoshoot of a 2010 Camaro with 22" D2Forged VS1 brushed aluminum wheels and a F1-R Procharger supercharger capable of 1000+ horsepowers. See the full set of photos of this Camaro at the following LINK

17 Nov, 2009

Motorweek tests SLP ZL575 Camaro – video inside

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Motorweek has conducted its testing of a SLP ZL575 Camaro, SLP’s TVS 2300 supercharged LS3 2010 Camaro, good for 575 horsepowers. Besides the extra power, the SL575 features a functional heat extractor hood with an aggressive look. Only 250 ZL575′s will be built, and all will be equipped with manual transmissions. Another 250 L99-engine based [...]

17 Nov, 2009

Lutz says “perhaps” to twin-turbo Camaro

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“Perhaps” is the word Bob Lutz used to answer the question of whether there will be a twin-turbo Camaro. Although not an emphatic yes, this provides some hope to Camaro enthusiasts who have been hoping for a factory forced induction Camaro. At the very least, this shows that GM has/is at least contemplating the idea. [...]

Here are some recent stats from spasticsquirrel (as of November 15, 2009) of the breakdown of 2010 Camaros produced. These stats do not cover all Camaros produced so far, but they give us a fairly accurate idea of what colors, models, package and transmissions are most (or least) popular. Colors Aqua Blue Metallic (2,584 units) [...]

16 Nov, 2009

2011 Camaro to come in HYDRO BLUE & OLYMPIC WHITE

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A site member is reporting that Hydro Blue and Olympic White are new colors that will be coming to the 2011 Camaro and will be available starting Fall 2010. Both colors were available on some other GM cars, such as the Saturn Sky and Pontiac Solstice. Read more details at the following LINK

16 Nov, 2009

48 Camaros Show Up at SoCal Dealer

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Tribone: Wow!!! Thank you guys for coming. That was awesome! I can’t believe we got so many Camaros in one parking lot. Wow!!! Thanks you all for showing your support for the Camaro and Camaro5. The turnout was incredible. I have no words to describe what I’m feeling right now. I tried to take a [...]

Here’s an appropriate story for this week’s celebration of our veterans and troops. The Camaro Pace car recently made its entrance at a Nascar event at the Texas Motor Speedway by way of a military Chinook helicopter. Watch the video inside of this Camaro pace car’s grand entrance! Read more on this story at the [...]

11 Nov, 2009

World’s first matte (flat) Black 2010 Camaro

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Matte look paint/wrap seems to be all the rage these days in the automotive world, with many manufacturers now even offering it as a special edition option on their cars. A german friend of ours achieved the matte black look on his 2010 Camaro with the use of a vinyl wrap, a popular option (vs. [...]

10 Nov, 2009


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Check out Gary’s (orange10s.c.) custom Camaro project! This highly custom Camaro features the following modifications: unique custom fenders by Gary, Revolution SS front splitter and hood with custom vents, MPD1 rear spoiler, orange calipers, racing pedals, Rpi floor mats, MGW shifter, custom painted interior pieces, painted engine cover, fuse cover, fog light bezels, painted Roto [...]

09 Nov, 2009

Pictures From OKC Meet – Nov. 7, 2009 – Part 1

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14 Camaros turned out for Oklahoma City’s largest Camaro5 meet yet. See the entire set of photos at the following LINK

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