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The beastly droptop Camaro convertible from SLP, called the 2011 “SLP ZL1 Camaro Convertible,” has been put through some extensive testing by Edmunds Insideline. Insideline put the SLP ZL1 Convertible through the ringer on both the track and on the dyno. How’d the SLP ZL1 perform on the track and did it achieve its claimed [...]

The 2011 SLP ZL 585 has just been tested by Motorweek and the incredible results are in – 0-60 in 3.6 seconds, 1/4 mile in 11.5 seconds! [Video Review HERE] For those not familiar with SLP’s special Camaros, this latest 2011 SLP Camaro boasts 585bhp (gain of 10hp) over the 2010 SLP Camaro. Cosmetic improvements [...]

17 Nov, 2009

Motorweek tests SLP ZL575 Camaro – video inside

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Motorweek has conducted its testing of a SLP ZL575 Camaro, SLP’s TVS 2300 supercharged LS3 2010 Camaro, good for 575 horsepowers. Besides the extra power, the SL575 features a functional heat extractor hood with an aggressive look. Only 250 ZL575′s will be built, and all will be equipped with manual transmissions. Another 250 L99-engine based [...]

Here are pictures of the ABM RS with SLP wheels, hoods, RS emblem, and rear spoiler (prototypes) at the Camaro Fall Classic and F-Body Summit 09. The wheels are the finished product and will have all safety ratings like factory wheels have; should be under $1300. They are direct replacement for the Camaro’s stock wheels. [...]

From TAG UR IT: Hey guys and gals… I was talking with our friend Dave Hamburger from SLP earlier and was informed that they will be attending the OHIO F-BODY SUMMIT 09. I was told I might want to be there…..(since they are going to be showing something I just might want to pick up…) [...]

03 Mar, 2009

SLP Camaro upgrade parts preview

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While admiring a Camaro at Tom Henry dealership, a forum member noticed a letter sent to Tom Henry from SLP Performance which outlines some of their upcoming SLP parts for the 2010 Camaro (listed below). SLP Performance is the latest to join the list of many tuners who have already announced parts and plans for [...]

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