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15 Feb, 2010

2010 Camaro SS named “Sports Car” with best resale value by Kiplinger

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Although all new cars depreciate the second they’re driven off a lot, some hold their values (depreciate slower) than others. Fortunately for you 2010 Camaro SS owners, according to Kiplinger, your SS will hold its value better than any 2010 model year sports car!

Kiplinger has just rated the 2010 Camaro SS the “Best Resale Value: Sports” based on its projected resale value after 3 years. The 2010 Camaro SS is expected to have hold on to 62% of its original value after 3 years, and 44% of its original value after 5 years. This no doubt reflects the fact that the 2010 Camaro SS model is expected to be much in demand even 3-5 years after its introduction.

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