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According to a report on GMinsidenews, GM is nearing completion of a new, twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine to take on Ford’s recently announced 3.5L EcoBoost, also twin-turbocharged. Several engineers at GM have confirmed the engine is in its later stages of development and has been assigned the “LF3″ designation code. Although power and torque specifications [...]

Via TAG UR IT: I found that in the other thread on how to reposition your door glass, there were a few people who had issues with glass going up and then coming down, or doing a couple other odd things. You guys had asked if there were ways to fix this. Well? Here you [...]

This just in from Motortrend. GM’s Chevrolet Camaro and Corvette marketing manager John Fitzpatrick recently hinted to Motortrend that the 2011 Camaro (V6) could possibly meet or exceed the 2011 V6 Ford Mustang’s power output. When asked whether Chevrolet would respond in the next couple years to the number’s challenge put up by the 2011 [...]

22 Mar, 2010

COTW: Mindz’s Procharged IBM Camaro

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As some of you have seen, we now have a “Camaro of the Moment/Week” feature on this homepage, located in the right hand column of our blog. Going forward, we will be featuring a Camaro-of-the-Week (COTW) on a weekly basis. There will also soon be an COTW Archive link on the homepage which will list [...]

Nebraska based body shop, ottobody, has developed a conversion kit to change non-RS headlights to RS bi-xenons. The kit is a direct replacement headlight for non-RS Camaros with some slight wire modification required. The replacement headlights are fully operational with high-beams and low-beams. You can even run them with just the marker lights and halos [...]

Canadian Camaro5 members are in the process of setting up a date for the 2nd annual Camaro Meet and Greet in Oshawa, Ontario. Several dates are currently being discussed. If you have interest in possibly attending what will surely be a bigger event than the first Meet and Greet , please vote on the poll [...]

Check out GM Hi-Tech Performance Magazine’s review of the Fastlane 2010 Camaros, a monster of a car which ran a 10.86 at 127 mph at the quarter mile. This was accomplished at the 2010 Camaro Shootout in Memphis. So, what did it take to get them to the top? Quite honestly, not much, just a [...]

18 Mar, 2010

Keystone Light Camaro Preview

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HOTROD Magazine is building a Camaro for Keystone Light as part of a promotional effort… the build was handled by Steve Stropes of Pure Vision in SoCal. Here are a few casual pics this afternoon before the Keystone graphics go on… then it’s a drive out to Las Vegas Sunday for the unveiling on Monday! [...]

18 Mar, 2010

CTS-V’s massive stoppers installed on 2010 Camaro

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When Pedders needed a brake upgrade for their Camaro, they looked everywhere and came right back to the GM parts bin. It took a while, but they sorted it out and found what they believe to be the most cost effective and perhaps best brake solution for the Camaro — THE CADILLAC OF BRAKES for [...]

17 Mar, 2010

Darin Morgan’s First Hot Rod & Journal

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Darin Morgan has developed, built and tuned some of the fastest racing engines in the world – IHRA and NHRA Pro Stock, Alanabi Racing Pro Mods, Comp cars, the list goes on forever! He has given his entire life to the sport of racing and engine development but ironically has never owned a street rod [...]

Car and Driver has pit the 570hp supercharged 2010 Lingenfelter Camaro against the 540hp supercharged Roush Mustang. Check inside for the full review and some gorgeous photos! Read the comparison results at the following LINK

The first annual Camaro5fest is now only 30 days away! Nearly 500 Camaro5 members are already signed up for the event, which should make this an epic Camaro get-together! If you wish to attend, there is still time. Full event details can be found HERE. 1st Annual Official Fest When: April 16-18, 2010 Where: [...]

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