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28 Sep, 2010

2011/2012 Camaro Z28 LSA Engine and Hood Design Revealed!

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We bring you visual proof of the Camaro Z28 prototype testing with the supercharged LSA motor (same as that used in the CTS-V). Even if one thinks it’s suspicious that a test prototype’s engine would have any sort of engine cover bearing the name of the engine, the motor underneath does appear to be that LSA upon visual inspection. [FULL SET OF PHOTOS HERE]

For those not familiar with the LSA engine, it’s a 6.2L supercharged engine SAE certified at 556bhp @ 6100rpm and 551 lb-ft torque @ 3800rpm. That does not mean that the Camaro will come with the same power though. We could possibly see less or even MORE power.

Also seen clearly for the first time is the design of the Camaro Z28 prototype hood. There looks to be a two-row heat extractor vents design (we’ve reposted an older photo from the top-down angle for an additional view). Keep in mind however, there’s no guarantees that this is the final hood design of the Camaro Z28.

And finally, a Z28 prototype has been spotted in what appears to be aqua blue metallic (or a similar blue color). Previous prototypes have all been red.

See the full set of new Camaro Z28 photos at the following LINK

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January 13th, 2011 at 3:58 pm


[...] and lip as well as the TF3 bumblebee style side cutouts/inlets. The hood has also been styled after this revealing set of spy photos of the Z28 prototype’s hood. The wheels you see are from the Camaro SSX [...]

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