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08 Jul, 2009

Camaro Ground Effects Memo 7/7/09 – proper installation tips

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The Camaro Action Center and Technical Assistance have received calls related to the GM Accessory Camaro Ground Effects and problems with the front air dam coming loose. After review of each of the calls to the Action center it was determined that the installation instructions were not completely followed.

It is important to make sure that all of the front attachment rivets are installed. There are 16 rivets used for the SS and 4 are installed with the fascia off the vehicle. There are 17 rivets used for the base model.

Do not use petroleum based cleaning products. If a strong cleaner is required use a 3M general purpose cleaners (P/N 08984). Tape will not adhere to a surface with residue left from petroleum based cleaning products.

Be sure to apply 15lbs of pressure to tape for proper wet out. After the kit has been installed the car should not be driven for 24 hours. The tape that is used during the installation of the front air dam must sit for 24 hours for complete adhesion.

Remember there are two different Ground Effect Kits available.

Part number 92207441 is only used on the base model Camaro
Part number 92208008 is only used on the SS model Camaro

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