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09 Aug, 2012

Chevy 100: An American Story (Must See for any Chevy or Camaro Fan)

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Video Summary:

If words like Camaro, Corvette, and Chevelle send chills up your spine, this is [VIDEO] for you. Chevrolet began making cars in 1911, and this documentary follows its history for the past 100 years. The film traces the evolution of Chevy’s car design, from the very first Series C Classic Six through lowriders, the corvette, muscle cars and the Silverado.

Car lovers will swoon as private owners show off their restored 1950’s vintage Chevy’s at car shows, and historians will enjoy tidbits about how Chevy took its name from a spicy Frenchman named Louis Chevrolet who sold his shares for a pittance after being told by a bigwig he should switch from cigarettes to cigars to be more of a gentleman. Growing up, my parents owned Pintos, so I developed no appreciation of cars but instead a healthy level of fear of them in case someone rear ended us and we exploded. But even being a car non-enthusiast, I was very engaged by this documentary by Roger Sherman. It’s not just about the technical aspects of the cars, but more how America’s history shaped their design. How they had to shave 700 lbs. off of cars when the (first) gas crisis hit to make them more fuel efficient. How after WWII and Vietnam cars became faster, and how Prohibition contributed to stock car racing because gangsters had to have fast cars to outrun the police with their deliveries of moonshine. And for you fellow ladies think cars are only for boys, there are just as many women talking about their vintage babies as men in this film. For you Ford lovers, sorry, this is strictly Chevy country.

Navigate to the video via the following LINK

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