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02 Jul, 2009

GREEN Camaros are coming, WHITE Camaro is alive, and Buick 3800 engine rumor

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Here’s some interesting news & rumors to send you off to your long weekends.

Green Camaro Color

We have it on good info that two green colors will be made available for the Camaro — Opel Green and Synergy Green.
The Opel Green Camaro will be a deeper shade of green, while the Synergy Green color will be the lighter shade. Take a look at the green camaro photoshop threads below for some ideas of what these shades may look like on the Camaro.

Opel Green —
Synergy Green —

White Camaro Color

It’s alive!! Word is that a production white Camaro SS (with RS package, silver trim, auto transmission and sunroof) has already been produced and is on its way to Mexico. Mexican members, make sure your cameras are charged! We hope to bring you the first shots of a production white Camaro ASAP. Here’s an idea of what it will resemble:

Buick 3800 Motor for the Camaro?

There’s a rumor floating about that there’s potentially the development of another engine to go into the Camaro, based on the Buick 3800 V6 Motor, and which is not naturally aspirated (which means a supercharged or turbo version). We’re not sure what to make of this, so take it with a grain of salt, but stay tuned for any future info.

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