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08 Aug, 2009

HINEY1′s Custom Bumblebee Camaro (complete tear down and custom paint)

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Several site members have already customized their rally yellow Camaros to resemble the Bumblebee Camaro from the Transformers movie, mostly by the application or painting of bumblebee style stripes. However, one big central element of the Bumblebee Camaro’s look has always been missing from the customized Camaros — the beautiful golden yellow color… until now.

Site member HINEY1′s Camaro is now the closest resemblance to the actual onscreen bumblebee Camaro. The impressive result is the end product of a full teardown, prep, paint, and reassembly of all the body panels of the formerly yellow Camaro SS. The entire process took 6 weeks. What really sets this Camaro apart from all the other Bumblebee-look Camaros is the paint – a “SUNRISE GOLD” color which closely resembles the movie version’s “SUNRISE YELLOW.” There are even great (and accurate) touches such as the rearview mirror discoball and “beeotch” air freshener!

HINEY1 set out to to customize his Camaro to resemble Bumblebee Camaro as closely as possible, and judging by the photos of his car, he has undoubtedly succeeded. Read the full STORY and see the full set of PHOTOS of this car.

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