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09 Sep, 2011

NEW Official Details on Camaro ZL1 — 580hp / 556 lb-ft torque!!

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Besides showing off the Camaro ZL1 at various shows and events since its auto show debut, GM has been quiet on the ZL1 specs and details… until now [new details].

We’ve finally got official power info, and it was worth the wait! The 2012 Camaro ZL1 has been officially rated at 580hp / 556lb-ft torque!

It will come completely track ready, with Pilot Sport Cup Zero Pressure tires, beefed up transmission and output shaft, and the latest version of the vaunted Magnetic Ride Control. No announcement on price yet, but according to the ZL1 key dates schedule, that should come in mid-November.

Check out more details and some photos of a new silver Camaro ZL1 at the following link.

Read more on this story at the following LINK

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December 8th, 2011 at 11:41 am



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