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23 Jun, 2009

Nuts about Transformers & Bumblebee Camaro?! Not as crazy as these Chinese fans.

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To celebrate the release of Transformers 2 in China, a hardcore group of Transformers fans organized a drive through the streets of Beijing. Only they didn’t do it in their regular looking cars. Each participant has transformed a normal daily driver into a bumblebee camaro style looking automobile.

The organized event was arranged by and a Chevy dealer in China even got in on the act, taking a rally yellow Camaro and applying paint to the front fascia so as to mimic the second generation Bumblebee Camaro’s front end.

What’s most telling to us is the universal fan base that GM has apparently managed to build with the design of the Bumblebee Camaro and its shrewd placement in a blockbuster movie. Seemingly, movie and automotive fans alike from across the world of different ethnicities and fans of all varied makes of cars have taken very kindly to the movie and its star transformer/car.

See the full set of PHOTOS at the following LINK

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