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22 Oct, 2009

Extended Door ABL modification (with light tape)

Posted by: admin In: Main

We recently wrote about the use of light tape to install ambient lighting into the dashboard, but member FIREWOLFF now shows us how versatile light tape can truly be. Many of you remember this CGI image of ABL released by GM many months ago, and were disappointed when the factory ABL only existed in the [...]

A forum member has devised an alternative method to install dashboard ambient lighting (ABL) on the 2010 Camaro. This method utilizes light tape and a transformer and does not require cutting or trimming the factory dashboard. The entire process took approximately 45 minutes. Read more on this story at the following LINK

16 Sep, 2009

DIY photo guide for dashboard ambient lighting

Posted by: admin In: Main

What’s that pictured below?? Yes, dashboard ambient lighting (ABL) in all its glory! Member KTCAM has generously shared with us a step by step photo summary of the DIY for the dashboard ambient lighting install (a previous set of instructions were previously posted here). This DIY should be used in connection with THIS THREAD which [...]

03 Sep, 2009

First DIY for Dashboard Ambient Lighting (ABL) !

Posted by: admin In: Main

We’ve been reporting that a few of our members have put their heads together to develop a DIY for the retrofit install of ambient lighting (aka “ABL”) into the 2010 Camaro’s dashboard. And… HERE it is! This is the first DIY writeup for dashboard ABL, and there will soon be a more detailed DIY with [...]

06 Aug, 2009

DIY Dashboard Ambient Lighting Solution! (soon)

Posted by: admin In: Main

What’s this you’re seeing? Yes, it’s full wrap-around ambient lighting! The ingenuity of our members constantly impresses and this is one example. Member Teccboxx shares with us THIS PREVIEW of his installed (but still in development) dash ambient lighting strip. Many Camaro owners have lamented over the fact that GM was unable to provide the [...]

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